Wearables At CES 2015-Magellan Echo Fit Announced

Like in 2014, this year 2015 CES is full of wearable devices. Magellan company which is popular for GPS devices launched the wearable Magellan Echo Fit. Echo Fit features a high-resolution monochrome LCD display with longest battery life of approximately for six to eight months.

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Magellan Eco Fit smartwatch feaures

It works with smartphones via Magellan Echo Utility App that allows the user to view data recorded by the wearable. The app is available for iPhone 4S and Android KitKat 4.4 version or later.

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The smart watch uses a coin cell standard battery, and very low powered display and Bluetooth 4.0 connection to save more battery. Company has introduced two models of its smart watch, one is basic type costs $129.99 and another with heart rate monitor strap for extra $50.

source Magellan.

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