StrikeTec Wearable Tracks Punch Speed And Force In The Boxing

Improving punch power in the Boxing is achieved by daily routine training. For running we have so many trackers and apps to see our goals, achievements and improvements. Luckily, StrikeTec started a KickStarter project to track the punches speed, punch improvement, punch count and punch force.

StrikeTec Wearable for Boxing

The StrikeTec comes as a wrist band and small sensors. The sensors are wearable in the gloves in order to calculate the punch data. Like other wearable’s it sends the live data to a smartphone app with a cloud server facility to store data.

StrikeTec Wearable Features

First it is developed to measure stats for fitness style boxing, later the developer added the more feature to make StrikeTec unique. The project is currently funding in KickStarter with a goal of $100,000, you can back this project with a minimum amount of $5 to maximum of $5,000.

source KickStarter.

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