Wearable tech R&D hub has now been launched in the Silicon Valley

We have known that wearables are growing day by day and people from all walks of life are adopting them. So much so that we recently saw the former US president Barack Obama wearing a Fitbit Surge. Now, this wearable adoption was not stopped to the President itself.

Obama administration announced that the Department of Defense will invest $75 million to open a new flexible hybrid electronics innovation centre in Silicon Valley. Also, the name of this institute will be “Manufacturing Innovation Institute for Flexible Hybrid Electronics”.

Now, it is not the first time that an R&D hub has been opened in the US as there are 8 more R&D centres in the country. However, the difference here is that this is the first R&D hub which focuses on smartwatches and wearables. The other R&D hubs are set up for 3D printing, semiconductor and other advanced technologies.

As far as the latest R&D hub is concerned, it will be led by the FlexTech Alliance which is a San Jose-based manufacturing consortium. According to them, the target is to “secure U.S. ‘leadership in next-generation bendable and wearable electronic devices”. Also, it is known that the R&D hub’s goal is not just to manufacture smartwatches that can do step tracking.

The R&D hub is set up in order to “unleash wearable devices to improve medical health monitoring and personal fitness; soft robotics to care for the elderly or assist wounded soldiers; and lightweight sensors embedded into the very trellises and fibres of roads, bridges, and, and other structures across the globe.”

It is also interesting to note that there are 162 companies in the consortium which include big companies such as Apple, Motorola, John Deere, Kodak and Boeing. The U.S. government has also warned the U.S. Congress that they need to make investments to strengthen manufacturing across the United States or else other countries and their workers will take the lead.

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