ProdigIO Smart Bracelet Launched at an Early Bird Price of $199

Wearable Italia has now launched a new smart bracelet named as ProdigIO. This is a part of the Jewelry collection from Wearable Italia. Also, there is a story behind the ProdigIO name given by Wearable Italia as well. According to them, this is one of a kind bracelet which has technology as well as art. Thus, the word Prodig symbolizes the beauty aspect of this smart bracelet. On the other hand, it also has technology inside it so IO resembling input/output is also used in the name.

Also, Wearable Italia has emphasized the fact that this is not a smart jewelry, instead this is a jewelry made smart. Therefore, they are pitching this product to the consumers who want a jewelry primarily which also has smart features. There are three variants of the ProdigIO which are named as Fluid, Plus, and Contrarié.

Now, let’s focus on the smart features which are embedded inside this bracelet. The ProdigIO smart bracelet comes with features such as Security, fitness as well as notifications customization. Talking about the security feature, you can download the Wearable Italia application from App Store and the Google Play Store.

Wearable Italia Smart Bands

First of all, this smart bracelet has a safety button which can be pressed during the time of danger. This will send a message with the location to the contacts as well as you can also trigger an alarm. The fitness feature includes a Smart health tracking feature which comes with calorie meter as well as a pedometer for counting steps. Apart from that, you can also get notifications from your phone directly on this smart bracelet so you never miss any important call or SMS.

Now, there is an early-bird sale going on at Wearable Italia where you can get this smart bracelet at $199 which is 50% off and the offer price is available for the first 99 buyers available in Silver, Gold and Ruthenium metal options. You should also know that ProdigIO smart bracelets will be launched on Kickstarter as well at 11 a.m. EDT on the 10th of July.

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