Ulefone uWear Bluetooth Smartwatch Details and Review

What about you having a smartwatch in your wrist? It will look stylish isn’t it? Not only a stylish gadget, it would do a lot of ease in using a smartphone. Ulefone, a famous Chinese Gadget Brand, well known for their stylish gadgets. Their Smartphones like Ulefone Be Touch 2 and Ulefone Paris are already attracted the market with their style. Now, they come out with uWear Smartwatch, a stylish gadget in the wearable category.

Big News about Ulefone uWear is its low price tag of $29.99. Next is the Design. The Design of uWear is really fancy and stylish. Let’s have a look into the details.

Ulefone uWear Performance

Build Quality

The watch is rectangular and covered by an outer case made of stainless steel. The strap is made up of fluoroelastomer material, which is also used in Apple’s iWatch. The Smartwatch having a capacitive touch screen with a size of 1.44 inch. The Screen has 2.5D Arch enabled, which makes the Smartwatch screen to look good in wide angle.

The Smartwatch weighs 45 gram and very comfortable for any wrist. The Strap is adjustable to fit any wrist size.It shows Ulefone targets the build and design for both Genders. Ulefone released the uWear in two color variants, Black strap with Black and Black Strap with Silver.

Ulfone uWear is water resistant using IP65 Waterproof technology. So, you can wash your hands or face wearing the smartwatch without any worries.

Ulefone uWear Build Quality

Performance and Features

The Smartwatch has Bluetooth 4.0 version and it is compatible to Android and iOS devices to connect the uWear. Using the uWear, you can handle phone calls, message reminders, camera and music systems in your smartphone. Along with this features, it is having health trackers like Pedometer, sedentary reminder and sleep monitor.

Other useful features added are Anti-lost and Find Phone, to protect your Smartphone using this uWear. uWear has 32MB RAM and 32MB ROM with a 220mAh battery. The RAM and ROM are more than enough for uWear to run without any lag. The Battery power has a standby time of 7 days.


  • Display: 1.44-inch touch, 2.5D Capacitive Panel.
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • ROM: 32 MB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Waterproof: IP65 Waterproof.
  • Battery: 220 mAh ( 7 days Standby)
  • Bluetooth calling: Phone call reminder, Phonebook
  • Messaging: Message reminder
  • Health tracker: Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitor
  • Remote control: Music remote, Camera remote
  • Notification: Yes
  • Anti-lost: Yes
  • Find phone: Yes
  • Other functions: Alarm
  • Groups of alarm: 5 sets
  • Alert type: Ring, Vibration
  • Locking screen: 2 kinds
  • Materials: Stainless steel and fluoroelastomer
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS 5.0 and up
  • Package Contents: 1 x Ulefone uWear SmartWatch, 1 x Manual in English and Chinese


The price of uWear is just $29.99. For the features that Ulefone uWear provide, this is a very low and reasonable price. Though uWear is not Apple iWatch, it never missed any feature. Also, the design is very impressive. uWear is water resistant and has Anti-lost and Find phone security features. And you got a good control over smartphone from this uWear. After considering all the Features, Build quality, Performance and Price, Ulefone uWear at $29.99 is great Value for Money.

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