Top 5 Apps To Your Android Wear Smartwatch

Android Wear running smartwatch already available in the wearable market. If you are one of those early adopter of a Android Wear smartwatch you can improve usability of the device by installing these apps. The apps are selected by our staff based on the usability and features.



Evernote don’t need any introduction.Luckily Android Wear users can install Evernote app in their smartwatch. The app lets you check your notes from your wrist.



LevelUp is a mobile payment company that lets users pay bills using their smartwatch. You can easily pay bills using smartwatch user interface, once the same barcode appears on the device and merchant machine it transfer money.

Wear Mini Launcher

3.Wear Mini Launcher

This is the first launcher app available for Android Wear. It gives a simple launching experience to the users.

Wear Volume

4.Wear Volume

Wear Volume lets you to control your handsets volume up and down without using smartphone. It is a great app to adjust volume easily on the go.

Calendar for Android Wear

5.Calendar for Android Wear

Calender for your Android Wear Smartwatch is a app which perfectly fits on a tiny screen. You can view your calendar on your watch. It also shows calender events monthly and daily view. The app is available for free and premium versions.

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