Complete Details of RWATCH M26 Smartwatch

Smart watches are going to be the next big thing in the tech industry. They’ll keep connected to us with phone updates. A perfect smartwatch is capable of features like compass, sleep and motion tracking, dialer, message, phone book and much more.

No one’s yet figured it out what a perfect smartwatch is to be, based on the features and price we are rating each smartwatch. Now I’m presenting RWATCH M26 smart watch, a simple and yet powerful smartwatch to serve all your needs you deserve from a wearable.

RWATCH M26 Smartwatch Features

It is a gorgeous to look at vibrant, colorful, and with exceptional viewing angles. The M26 is covered by a soft panel, which adds more style to the device. The Rubber strap band is soft and it holds the thing to your wrist comfortably.

RWATCH M26 Smartwatch Build Quality

Aesthetically, the watch is a rectangle face, color display, soft body, and rubber strap. At the center of the round face is a 1.4-inch color TFT touchscreen with 240 x 204-pixel resolution. With its rectangle face, soft body, and color display, it is unique. The RWATCH M26 is one of the best build smart watches especially in this price range. It is slimmer, cheaper and lasts longer between charges than most other smartwatches.

RWATCH M26 Smartwatch Fitness Features

There are two things about the M26 that I loved: Push Messaging capability which supports MMS, QQ, Wechat, news title, calendar events, etc and sync option for popular chat messengers. The best part is you can take the picture from your smartphone using the watch, it acts as a controller to your phone to take remote pictures. If you want a fitness tracker that looks more like a traditional watch than a boring sports band, the M26 is more appealing than a Samsung Gear or Fitbit.

Battery life is at the top end, the built-in 230mAh battery has power enough to run two continuous days. It looks good, performs well, it perfectly encapsulates how new wearable technology can be.

Quick Specifications

  • Sync 1000 phonebook, 200 call log, 10 SMS
  • Sync message.
  • With pushing message, such as MMS, QQ, Wechat, news title, calendar events, etc
  • Sync such as LINE, Instagram Facebook (message), Gmail, CNN App, ZAKE, etc
  • Remote android phone camera operation
  • Can connect to all BT phone and tablet
  • Android smart watch installed APP can support information push
  • 2 RWATCH BT can connect to achieve anti-theft alarm and tracker

Overall, this is one heck of a smartwatch that you simply cannot miss. If you are new to wearables and planning to buy a fully featured, powerful smartwatch then the M26 can be your no second thought needed purchase.


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  1. It does not have any additional wearfaces and is not compatible with Google play wearface downloads, which makes it a little less fun. It is low priced and pairs nicely with my smartphone.

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