Moto 360 Charging Dock Images Leaked

Motorola’s upcoming smartwatch Moto 360 charging dock images leaked online. According to the leaked images it looks Moto 360 charges with a wireless charging. It appears that the dock is designed in a such a way the user can’t miss a single notofication. The user can place the smartwatch on the dock in a slanting position in order to view the display easily.

Moto 360 Dock features and details

It also shows the blue colored circular ring which represents the percentage of battery charged. Another rumor also claims that the watch will come with a heart rate monitor at the back.

The Moto 360 is one of the most hyped smartwatch with Android Wear operating system. It will come in two variants one black and one silver with matching belt strap. Motorola has not announced a price or launch date for the Moto 360.

via Mister Gadget.

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