Monitor Your Baby Sleeping Habits And Heart Rate With Sproutling Baby Monitor

We have so many fitness tracking devices these days, they help to reach our daily fitness goals, monitors sleep and heart rates and much more. Luckily Sproutling company developed a Fitbit like tracker for babies to monitor sleep habits, heart rate and abnormalities.

Sproutling Baby Monitor

The company says it can help newly become parents to track the health issues of new born babies. The product is comes as a wearable band, which continuously tracks the data and transfer it to the mobile app. The Sproutling is a cleaver app, it customizes itself to each baby habits and monitors the health issues and abnormalities.

Now the company is looking forward to expand the features of the product. The product is not set to launch officially until March 2015, you can pre-order the product online now for $249.

via Sproutling.

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