Meet Bellabeat Leaf, A Fitness And Reproductive Cycle Tracker For Women

Fitness Trackers are building with a intention to provide your health habits and daily routines in a smarter way. Now it is the time for a Women oriented fitness tracker with reproductive cycle tracking. Meet Bellabeat Leaf, first of its kind fitness and reproductive cycle tracker for women.

The Bellabeat Leaf is a product made for women by women that helps them track their health and feel beautiful as they wear it.

Bellabeat Leaf

Founded in 2014, Bellabeat is looking forward to new technologies when it comes to lifestyle activity trackers, wearables and health solutions.

Bellabeat Leaf isn’t available for sale present but the company received a huge response in pre-order sales. Leaf can track and notify about your ovulation, contraceptive intake and incoming period to make your decisions whether you conceive or not. The Leaf wearable is also able to track activities, steps, calories burned and even sleeping habits. The company’s is main intention is to integrate tech into every woman’s life.

source Bellabeat Leaf.

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