Blocks Is A Customizable Modular Smartwatch

Blocks is a customizable modular Smartwatch from the creators of Phoneblocks. PC is a most user friendly modular machine till the date. If you want to upgrade your PC components you can easily replace the old ones to new components by removing adding.

Now the developers adding the same concept to the smartwatch’s also. Phoneblocks is now concentrating on the modular smartwatches.
Modular Smartwatches

“After months of research, we finally managed to prove our modular concept in one weekend. Not a normal weekend due to the extreme lack of sleep, but time well spent on proving it worked. We had built simple display, processor, motion sensor and temperature sensor blocks, and we could connect them in any combination we liked.”

The smartwatch is divided in modules including touchscreen faces (round or rectangular), motion sensor, microphone, GPS, heart rate monitor, camera, audio jack, fingerprint scanner, NFC, flashlight, gesture control and SIM port. Each module is also have removable covers, so you don’t need to worry about the customization option. The modular watches provides decent looks along with functionality.

“Over the past 8 months we’ve been working non-stop on our next prototype, and we decided to take part in Intel’s Make It Wearable challenge. Out of 400+ applicants, we ended up as one of the top 10 finalists. Not only did that bring us $50,000 funding from Intel, but also provided us with their latest processors!” Javaid said.

The company Blocks will enter to a crowd-funding source in the next year and will ship the Blocks smartwatch at the end of 2015.

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