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In an era of wearables 2015 CES is full of new wearable technologies. Most of the wearable are planning to occupy space in your wrist or on your eye. But some companies are concentrating some real life problems like chronic pains. Quell is one of them, and removes your chronic pains from your calf. Pain is a common problem that everyone faces in their life. We experience heavy back pain, knee and nerve pain some times due to heavy work loads and stress.

Quell Pain Reliever Band Wearable

Quell is a product from NeuroMetrix Inc. It attaches to your upper calf and applies a small electrical current to the surface of your skin and relieve your chronic pains. Company claims that the Quell wearable can relive your pains within 15 minutes. A single band wearing on your calf can capable of relieving different types of chronic aches, from nerve pain to lower back problems.

It uses prescription strength therapy pulses stimulate the sensory nerves in your leg, with the signal traveling up to your brain. This signal in the brain releases endogenous opioids which then block pain signals in your spine. This systemic pain relief response is what provides you with relief in other areas of your body.

On a single charge, Quell can provide up to 40 hours of relief. With the help of Bluetooth connectivity it can pair with an iOS device and to track your therapy as well as sleep quality over the time.

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