How To Enter Into Recovery Mode On The LG G Watch-Guide

Recovery mode in an Android device allows you to perform various actions like firmware updates, wipe data, factory reset and wipe cache action. Normally in smartphones we can enter into recovery mode by pressing and holding volume down+volumeup and power buttons. Just like Android smartphone and tablets wearable devices owners can too enter into recovery mode to apply updates and resets. Now the users of LG G watch can easily enter into recovery mode. This guide will help you to learn how to enter into recovery mode on the LG G watch.

LG G Watch Reset recovey mode button on the back side of the watch

To get into recovery mode in LG G Watch you need a small needle or ball point pen or toothpick like object. On the back side of the watch you’ll find a small reset pin hole, just press the reset button for around 10 seconds. If your device turned off during the process, no problem power on the device and start from the beginning. After LG logo visible on the screen during the process all you need to swipe from the top left corner to the bottom right corner in one, diagonal swipe.

This step leads us to the Fastboot mode, you can navigate the Fastboot mode using the arrows and a circle in the middle. Pressing on the arrows will highlight the text towards the center of the display. Pressing on the right arrow twice will get you to the recover list, after click on the circle button.

After few minutes you’ll see a menu just like in Android smartphone recovery mode. Using the recovery mode you can do things like factory reset and updates. If you just wanted to take a look and you don’t want to do anything, reboot as normal. In future to update your device with custom ROM this guide will definitely help you.


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