Here’s how you can play Spotify music on Apple Watch

One of the common problems that Apple Watch users faced in the earlier times was the lack of an official Spotify app for Apple’s WatchOS. This meant that users had to do some twists and they could just control music playback like play, pause and skip tracks as well as adjust volume from their wrist. However, you already got those functions on your iPhone so it was not much of a usable feature back then. However, the scenario is a little different now.

This is because Apple Watch has finally received the official Spotify app. This means Spotify is now natively supported on Apple’s WatchOS. Also, it means that you get a lot more features directly on your Apple Watch through the Spotify app. As this is the first version of the Spotify app for Apple Watch, some features are left out of it. However, we can expect those features to be added in the future versions of this app.

Play Spotify music on Apple Watch

Nonetheless, let’s get into how you can use Spotify app on your Apple Watch. Since the official app has been released, you can install Spotify on your Apple Watch directly by heading over to your smartphone and opening your Watch app. Then, install the “Spotify” app on your Apple Watch. Once it is installed, it will open automatically on your Apple Watch and you can do much more with your Watch.

Steps in detail

  1. Open Apple Watch app on your smartphone.
  2. Now search the App Store for “Spotify”.
  3. Install the Spotify app.
  4. You can find the Spotify app on your Apple Watch, or it will open automatically when you start music from your iPhone.

With the official Spotify app, you can obviously control music as well as select tracks from playlists. Also, you can play music on other Spotify connected devices. Apart from that, you can add songs to your Spotify library from Apple Watch directly.

However, this is the first version of Spotify app for Apple Watch and features such as 4G streaming and offline playback are missing so you can’t play Spotify while not connected to the internet at the moment.

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