RocketSkate-First Motorized Skates For Easy and Faster Travelling

You may hear about Segway, which is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle capable of transport a person at a speed of 12.5 miles per hour. Now it is the time to introduce nexGen Skates. RocketSkate is a first of its kind motor enabled skates which help you to travel nearly 10 miles distance at a speed of 12mph.

What is RocketSkate?

They are electric, motorized skates. Simply strap the RocketSkates over your shoes and off you go.

RocketSkate concept is simple, the designers wants give a next generation experiance to people who want to travel easily. The design of RocketSkate carries two small wheels both sides of foot, you can walk even when wear the skates. RocketSkate speed is limited to 12mph only, you doesn’t go near a rocket speed. The driving and balancing part is also very easy, to accelerate or move forward you have to tilt forward and if you want to break or slow down all you have to do is tilt backward and you will be able to stop.

RocketSkates Price

To maintain same speed skates can communicate to each other. It is controlled by a on board processor and it is powered by a lithion ion battery pack.You can connect the RocketSkates to your smartphone using ACTON app, which is a official app from RocketSkates. Using the app you can monitor the data related to performance, skate diagnosis, battery status and social interactivity.

This action packed skates are created by Peter Treadway and appeared first as a KickStarter project. He reached his goal within 24 hours and raised seven times amount than the pledged goal.

RockeSkate Availability & Pricing

RocketSkates will be available in the market around September 2014. There are three types of models available to pre order R6, R8 and R10.

  • R-6: Can travel upto 6 mph distance at a speed of 12mph (1.5hrs charging). It will be available at a price of $499
  • R-8: Can travel upto 8 mph distance at a speed of 12mph (1.5hrs charging). It will be available at a price of $599
  • R-10: Can travel upto 10 mph distance at a speed of 12mph (1.5hrs charging). It will be available at a price of $699

via ACTON.

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