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Nowadays, Knowing weather condition is not that much difficult as getting out and looking to the sky. All are possible inside a smartphone which has a weather app installed on it. No matter, where you are and when you wanted the information. A few taps can get you into the complete details including the weather condition, temperature, humidity and many more information. For getting an accurate result of the weather, you must have a good weather forecasting app installed on your smartphone.

Weather Live Free app is such a nice product that coming with a lot of functions to fulfill the weather forecasting needs of the users. It has a bunch of useful features that let you access all the deep information like Precipit, Sunset, Sunrise, Pressure, etc… The informations are stacked in a user-friendly interface that is very nice to see. There are no complicated steps or process on the app as it is made in such a way that to provide the maximum information in the easiest manner.

At the first look to the app, the details of the selected city will be displayed in front of you. You can anytime change the city or add multiple cities to track the weather. Once you have many locations selected, it is easy as swapping it right or left to switch between the cities.

Weather Live Free App-0001

A Live scene feature is there on the app that let you see the exact condition of the weather in the selected location. For example, if it is raining on the location, the background will change to a rainy wallpaper. If it is sunny there, the background will be a sunny one. It is a great feature of the Weather Live Free app that can’t be seen on normal weather forecasting apps out there.

Weather Live Free App-0008

The Weather Maps are another attraction of the app. It shows the details of the weather condition in various parts of the globe marked with different colors and different intensities. The harder the color is, the stronger will be the rain or other phenomenon in the location. It can also notify you if any heavy rain or wind is approaching your location using the Weather Alert feature. So, you can stay alert with the dangerous nature’s plays.

Weather Live Free App-0004

Users can change the layouts and the features of the app from the settings that can be accessed by the Gear icon on the top right of the screen. It is very customizable and is very easy to switch the layouts.

Weather Live Free App-00013

If you ever wanted to see the information on weather as quick as possible, the Live Wallpaper provided by the Weather Live Free app will be the key. It displays a Live wallpaper that matches the weather condition of the selected location. It helps you determine the weather conditions of the selected cities even without accessing the app. It will show all the weather conditions coming your way, even it is cloudy, rainy, snowy or stormy.

Weather Live Free App-00014

To sweeten the quick view of the weather details, you can also add beautiful widgets on your home screen that lists almost all details you wanted. An example is shown in the above screenshot and it is descriptive enough to determine what you will get from the widgets.


  • Accurate Measurements
  • Live Wallpaper and Live Scene
  • Customizable Layouts
  • Weather Map
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Beautiful Widgets


  • Showing Ads

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up all the features and the good looking interface of the app, it is a nice decision to install it on your smartphone. If you regularly needed to check the weather details of your location, this app is the best fit for you. So, give it a try.

Download Weather Live Free app from Playstore

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