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Wallpapers for Me is an app that let you choose your favorite images as the wallpaper of your smartphone or tablet. The app has a large collection of HD images categorized in 10 different categories. There is no chance for not finding your favorite image in this list of the wallpapers provided by the app. No matter whether you are a trend lover or a classy man, the app shows off all kinds of wallpapers you needed for your smartphone.

It has a very simple interface with a very minimal structure. There are no complications in changing the wallpaper of your smartphone. All it needed is sliding the screen to find the best fit and tapping a button. The wallpaper will be changed instantly. If you need further details of this app, you can continue reading this review.

Wallpapers for Me App Features

Wallpapers for Me app has no special features than choosing the right background for your smartphone. So, it is a very simple but useful app on the play store. Having a look at the features will be good if you have to decide whether to install it or not.

HD Wallpapers

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The quality of the images provided by the app is impressive. The high-quality images will be served on the background of your smartphone that creates a pleasant feel while using the device. No low-quality images will be provided by the app.

10 Different Categories

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There are 10 different categories on the app. They are Abstract, Cartoon, Sci-Fi, Animals, Sports, Nature, 3D, Holidays, Minimal, and Cities. All of them are very well sorted according to the quality and popularity. There are also two extra categories available as New and Popular, which lists the new additions and the popular ones respectively.

Optimized Image Sizes

The Image Size has a crucial role in determining how a wallpaper looks on a specific smartphone screen. A well fitting image can make the wallpaper look stunning on the foreground items. So, the wallpapers for me app delivering such scaled images to fit the screen size of your device.

Fast Download Speed

The contents can be downloaded within no time after tapping the ‘Set’ button. You just have to tap it, and the wallpaper will be automatically changed within no time. If you wish to change the wallpaper to another image, you should do the same again.

Dynamic wallpapers

Dynamic wallpaper feature of the app let you set multiple images as the background of your smartphones. They will be switched automatically after a specific time which can be configured by the user. It is a good option for having different wallpapers time to time.

Daily content updates

The developers update the contents of the app day by day. So, everytime you trying to access the app, you can find something new inside. Never more settle with the same old wallpapers on your SD Card, the Wallpapers for Me app has the solution.

Special holiday and seasonal content Updates

Apart from daily updates, the app will get special wallpaper updates during the holidays or seasons. So, you can set a Christmas wallpaper when it is December.


  • HD Quality Images
  • Fast download speed
  • Optimized Sizes
  • Frequent Content Updates


  • Showing Ads


Wallpapers for Me app is a good option to set beautiful wallpapers on your android smartphone. As it has very minimal features that effectively provide the ways to choose the right wallpaper for your device, it worths a try. If you would like to install the app on your smartphone, below is the link where you can download and install it.


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