Find Clean Air Around You With The Help Of A Wearable TZOA

In these polluted days it is very hard to find pure and clean air. Technology is so much advanced and it finds clean air for you. Meet TZOA, a first of its kind wearable that connects with environment and finds clean air. TZOA is a KickStarter project and currently funding. The device is really helpful to find the condition of air around you. It is useful for elders, cyclists, children and athletes.

TZOA Features

TZOA is a tiny environment tracker wearable. It connects with your Android phone via Bluetooth. Its sensors gathers the data of how air pollution and UV are impacting you everyday. Information gathered by each individuals using the app can share their data online to crowdsource the information.The product is in developing stage and needs lot of work to be done.

source TZOA KickStarter

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