Connect Any Strap To Your Pebble Steel With Steel Connect

The Pebble Steel is a great smartwatch with solid build quality and stylish looking. The company is unexpectedly built a strong smartwatch which not a big company like Apple or Google. A small startup company crowdfunded the Pebble smartwatch successfully in KickStarter and remains one of the best smartwatch market contender till the date.

Steel Connect

The Pebble Steel comes in two variants Brushed Stainless Steel and Black Matte colors. Beside these two colors you don’t have any choice to change the strap, keeping this point in mind a dreamer Jason Lim created Steel Connect, which is a strap connector to your pebble steel smartwatch.

How to add any strap to Pebble Steel with Steel Connect

Steel Connect is appeared in KickStarter and project goal was successfully achieved in April. Steel Connect simply allows us to add any 22mm watch band to your pebble steel. It is a pretty good idea to customize your Pebble Steel smartwatch and adds more style. The first version of Steel Connect 1.0 is available for $29 in official website, next version Steel Connect 2.0 is in the midst of production and available soon for $39.00 and $49.00.

Visit Steel Connect.

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